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Fire & Security


The world is facing varying security risks. Leading to an increase in security needs. The demand from various industries has transitioned from the traditional security technologies towards enhanced artificial intelligence. This calls for simpler processes, better integration and speedier collection and processing of data collected for the greater security for people and the organisations.
As our cities become more crowded, with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, the need for greater fire prevention efforts and also safety awareness are of utmost importance. To lessen damages and to ensure maximum safety and well as improved efficiency of rescue missions.
Aside from conducting workshops, educating the public and various stakeholders on fire safety and security, we aim to source for and introduce to Malaysia, training on Artificial Intelligence, Unmanned Vehicles on Security and Fire Safety.
The significant growth and employment in the Artificial Intelligence and Unmanned Vehicles, present not only opportunities but also the vulnerabilities. Our association aim to work with the local and state officials, regulator, authorities engaging in assessments on the development of the use of these technologies, as well as giving input on the quality standard, applications, policy, and other regulatory issues.

Behavior Analysis
Fire Detection
Object Recognition
Anomaly Detection
Robotic Firefighter


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